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Trade Winds Christmas Celebration - December 22nd 7.30pm

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Here's our fantastic line-up for the relaunch of Trade Winds, the Evergreen Dartmoor Gathering: Story from: Alice Courvoisier ( Prose from: Anna Lunk

Poems from:

Veronica Aaronson Jane Aaronson Sheila Aldous Edward Aldous

Sue Profitt Susan Taylor James Turner Simon Williams Philomena Wynne

Songs from:

Malcolm Baldwin Jeff Cornish Zoe Marriage Simon Williams

After a whole eight months in hibernation, Trade Winds is shaking off the autumn leaves and rustling into life on Zoom! Simon and Susan are delighted to welcome a whole charm of talented performers to this session hosted by Teignmouth's Poetry at the Mill with Veronica Aaronson. Watch out here for more Trade Winds monthly events in 2021 If you'd like to hear a good old Dartmoor tradition, which is Trade Winds, blowing in with some festive spirit, please send me a message via <Contact> on this website... then I will be able to send you the Zoom link. Trade Winds is a free event, always!

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