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Welcome to my website. The first thing to say is that it has a labyrinthine quality, befitting to a long life engaged in the multifold medium of poetry! Following its pathways, you can reach quite a wide selection of my poems, some of the artworks and photographs that have inspired them, as well as some great people who I’ve been honoured to collaborate with. My books are here as well, of course, and a magic lantern show of videos. There’s even a signpost to my local pub, where you can hear live poetry, stories and music from an open circle of gathered friends, continuing once a month, as usual, as soon as the restrictions on our activities are finally lifted.

It's been an immersive and positive experience to get this little show of a website onto the road during our imposed stay-at-home period. The other thing I’ve been engaged with is making a country cottage garden – many roses, many flowers, wild and otherwise, a selection of  herbs and just the earliest signs of an organic vegetable plot, as the slugs and snails are gently persuaded to stay away.

There’s a tiny hamlet in Cornwall called Durgan. It boasts an enchanted arboretum in a glen running down to the sea. Glendurgan has an elegant labyrinth at its heart. (photo opposite) My cottage garden may never be neat enough to open to the public, but here, dear hearts, is my poetry labyrinth!

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La Loba

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Trade Winds

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