You won’t see me – you will see me

hardly ever. I am shadow’s edge moving,

half a face appearing from evergreen.

Susan Taylor has eight published poetry collections. The most recent is Temporal Bones published by Oversteps Books. Her work has also appeared in many anthologies, pamphlets and magazines.

She spent many years as a shepherd on her family farm in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Now living on Dartmoor, where she draws much inspiration from the natural world. She’s still fond of sheep but, in best trickster fashion, her latest work is a poetry show walking in the path of wolves.

Susan is an experienced spoken word artist, happiest when she takes her work from page to stage. Currently, she has two contrasting shows. They are:

La Loba – Enchanting the Wolf, a wilderness narrative drawn from ancient myth. La Loba’s  message is stark and powerful; like the wolves, nature has mysterious ways of resurrecting herself.  This poem cycle is performed with visual elements, including shadow puppet wolves.

The Weather House is both a show and a poetry pamphlet  co-authored with Simon Williams. Based on meteorological observation, this effervescent tour-de-force features songs, villanelles, dashes of passion, whimsy… lederhosen and a 6 foot high Bavarian weather house!

“Memory and the abiding sense of spiritual reality within experience give her work a tenderly profound and authentic relevance.”           Penelope Shuttle

La Loba

The Weather House title roll over.jpg
Trade Winds (2) pub sign with sheep.jpg

Trade Winds


Bring flowers on this winter night

where all the garden sleeps

                                beneath its leaves

I ache for the sweet of petal...