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La Loba Speaks for Wolf
  • La Loba Speaks for Wolf

    • £8 + £2 p&p  (Total - £10)

    Out this spring from Bx3 -- get your copy here!  A portion of funds from each copy of this book sold will be donated to the Wolf Conservation Center, New York, for their work to protect endangered Mexican wolves. Cover photo of a loba (Mexican wolf) from the Wolf Conservation Center.

    La Loba frontispiece by Charlotte Boer. Other illustrations by Chen Naje, Tom Williams & Aluna. 


    This cycle of poems by Susan Taylor represents different aspects of the archetypal wild woman, La Loba, through a series of encounters with the beauty and wisdom of wolf.


    "In these plush enchantments, Susan Taylor sows silver threads into the earth-deep dark. Healing wolfsong will enter your heart, will issue from your muzzle when you open this book – you mark my words."

    Helen Ivory


    excerpt from La Loba Speaks for Wolf


    I am all ears and mouth,

    all wanting and bonding:
    the rocks -- an abacus, slopes – a playground,

    the pack bounding there – my playmates.

    Through scrub, rockfall and snowstorm,

    instinct nurtures.

    Wolf comes about me through the wind,

    tongues of grass blades, pull of forest,

    path of moonlight, rush of blood,

    the shiver of dust in sun’s bounty,

    the sound of cherish, the taste of fear.

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