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How do poems start as fledgings and where do they go when they fly the nest?


What if we can't save the Earth? But if the Earth could save us. I'm excited to be part of this moving and powerful event, where Liv Torc, one of the four Siren Poets launches this bumper new poetry anthology, with live performance from many of the forty poets featured in the book. We all joined Liv in a creative quest to uncover lessons the Earth sent us during lockdown. She says "The aim was to unearth poetry on the tip of the tongue of the world by looking at signs and metaphors in nature... we like to think that this book is by the Earth. We just took time to listen." Having really enjoyed being a participant in both this project and Liv's original haiflu project during lockdown, I can guarantee that this book will be uplifting and eye-opening in equal measure. I'm just one of a group of poets who are really grateful for the time they've spent with Liv, as she continues her generous and life-affirming work - almost exclusively on Zoom - since our world of performance poetry has been turned inside out and upside down. Do join us if you can - everyone who buys a ticket will get a copy of this amazing book in the post. Here's the link

Updated: Oct 15

Seven South West poets get their voices together, mix them around to create new patterns and deeper meaning. The result is Interbeings, an innovative and heartfelt plea for the planet. Here, you will hear the whispering of trees, the roar of ocean, the mysteriously held silence of mountain and many beings, human and otherwise. Interbeings features: Miranda L Barnes, Rachael Clyne, Dominic Fisher, Deborah Harvey, Alwyn Marriage, Susan Taylor and Simon Williams This event is hosted by Lucy English and will be launched online via Zoom as part of the Lyra Poetry Festival on Saturday October 17th at 5.30pm. To join this free event, which includes a Q & A session, please register online at

La Loba

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Trade Winds


Bring flowers on this winter night

where all the garden sleeps

                                beneath its leaves

I ache for the sweet of petal...