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The Weather House
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"Each poem is a meditation on the elements, a tactile musing, rich in language and life.

My forecast is you will       love these poems."        

Robert Garnham

The Weather House – a whole new wave of weather talk with Susan Taylor –  poet, spoken word artist, rainbow catcher, ex-farmer and Simon Williams –  poet, singer, cloud-watcher, ex-engineer.

   Many people have seen one of those little Bavarian weather houses, with the two characters who alternately emerge to predict the sun and rain. Susan Taylor and Simon Williams take the woman and the man and make them poets, musing not only on the vagaries of English weather, but also on the weathers of the heart. 


The official launch was an appropriately bucolic affair, which included a picnic, an open air performance of the show and a chance for guests to share their poems around a fire in The Glade, North Woods, Dartington on a perfect August evening. This gathering marked the Ruby Wedding Anniversary of Susan and Simon, Devon’s lyrical couple, as it marked the date, 40 years before, when they were married at Tealby in the Lincolnshire Wolds… and at that time, they launched their first joint pamphlet of love poems, Unbroken, which was published by Poetry Nottingham Publications.

"The Weather House is both fresh and charming… and ripe for performance. "


Alwyn Marriage

Where has
The Weather House travelled?

Ways With Words 

St Ives Literature Festival 

Cheltenham Poetry Festival 

Torbay Poetry Festival 

Swindon Poetry Festival 

The Weather House is also a beautiful poetry pamphlet published by Indigo Dreams.

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