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Follow the wolf tracks to get the book...

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La Loba Speaks
for Wolf

 Original photograph: Glavind Strachan Photography


La Loba Speaks for Wolf is a reimagining of older, more natural ways of being. La Loba is a wolf-spirited woman, legendary and unique. Her calling is to put right the wrongs that have been done to wild creatures and wild places.


Nature has a way of healing itself… and La Loba’s powers tap into the ever-present force for good in the living world. She is a visionary who dances across divides: the borders between countries, between human and animal, between our time and mythic time, between life and death.


She is the one who steps out of line, she seeks, she finds, she grieves, she watches, she waits, she dreams, she interprets the signs, she turns to the wild, she speaks for wolf.

“Susan Taylor has the crackle, the swing, the wayward word charisma that calls ancient energies into the room.”

Dr Martin Shaw

Susan in the stumpy oak _edited.jpg

Photo montage: Author’s own   

                          from Let the Song Come Through

Photograph by

Published by

Burning Eye Books - Never Knowingly Mainstream


On the margin where forest clings

to the sheer face of a mountain,

a woman juggles bones

in shafts of starlight.


Then she places them

in the shape that makes a wolf,

lying down beside them

beneath a blanket spun of star silk.


The air, and all there is there, shimmers.

Everything glistening as it listens,

while this lady-bright draws the breath

of midnight into her frame

to catch the movement

of the moment

on her lips and let the song come through

– no longer wolf of bones,

but wolf, complete and breathing

in the radiance around them.


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