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A Small Wave for Your Form
  • A Small Wave for Your Form

    Published by Oversteps Books 2012

    54 pages – perfect bound

    Cover photograph by Robert Davidson


    Susan Taylor's poetry has a grace, an understanding of 'a life that shines through the land, the comfort and shelter of cows, the ring of my father's hands, milking'. Her women are 'as naked as a ewe that drops her fleece at the clack of shears' or as 'a willow in sunlight'. Here are her mother, grandmother, father, husband, sons - circled in love. Prepare to be enchanted.

    Ann Gray




    They were mother and daughter,

    wild as hares

    with eyes of molten glass.


    They looked out for each other

    and wouldn’t be confined

    to such things as fields.


    They were pied like gypsy mares,

    ran as fast

    as flecked foam on the sea’s crest.


    An old hand called them breakers.

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