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Temporal Bones
  • Temporal Bones

    Published by Oversteps Books 2016

    50 pages – perfect bound

    Cover photograph by Carol Ballenger


    This book is not merely a retelling of the age-old records of our past, but an imaginative re-making, as all poetry should be. It is split into two parts: the first part is called Paradigm in Paradise, and the poetry truly is paradigmatic... The second part tells the story of the Skeleton Woman; and Inuit tale on which Taylor has put flesh and blood, but also feeling and emotion. It is a love story told with both passion and tenderness.

    Patricia Oxley


    Spend the Night in Our House until Dawn (excerpt)


    I have made these words, my love,

    as little cuts into a wet tablet of clay.

    They are cuneiform and impressive

    as the strands I use in my embroidery

    of this intricate web of the flowers,

    but together, we will be more.


    We will be the promise, fulfilled

    in the fecundity of the bees,

    my tiny sequinned sisters,

    my harbingers of harvest,

    informing our direction

    with the shimmering of wings.

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