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The Weather House
  • The Weather House

    Published by Indigo Dreams 2017

    Poems by Susan Taylor & Simon Williams

    35 pages – perfect bound

    Cover illustration based on a design by Hannah Kopacz


    Simon WIlliams and Susan Taylor have joined forces to produce an elegant collection of poems based on meteorlogical observation. spiced with occasional touches of love and tenderness. Some of their more startling images will change the way readers percieve the world, as in 'Mist of the Dart' where "the river vapourises as if it's making tea and 'covers like a Balaclava, not a cap." The Weather House is both fresh and charming - and ripe for performance.

    Alwyn Marriage


    The Weather House is now a show! To learn more please visit the The Weather House page on the website...


    Deli Morning


    It’s a Tuesday morning

    teeming with umbrellas,

    the street outside more wet than high

    and the daintiest of these umbrellas

    come into Thrive Café

    to fold themselves as flowers will,

    when rain rains hundreds and thousands.


    A woodland spring picture in here

    on the inside of the outside wall

    works like a painted-on window,

    reminder of where bluebells

    on the tables were picked,

    how the trees in newly furbished leaf

    are at one with this kind of downpour,

    driven to shake their boughs in the gale

    and tender about them

    their everyday multiplication of green.

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