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All in the Space Between

Tarred and Feathered


her like
the font
that was leaking
the water
that held
the first flight


she is all of the egg
the shell
the white
the yolk

she is all of the nest
the branch
the tree
the shelter

there on
the ground
she writhes
like a sea serpent

tarred and feathered

she is all of the pain
of wave
of rock
of sky

Tarred and Feathered (for All in the Spa

Tarred and Feathered

Sculpture - Bridget McCrum

5 (1) All in the Space Between.jpg

The poems in 'All in the Space Between' were inspired by stone sculptures in an exhibition in the Dartington Hall Gardens, Devon, by Bridget McCrum.

The proceeds from the pamphlet all went to Oxfam for their appeal to help those affected by severe drought in large parts of the Horn and East Africa.

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